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Written By Laura

Laura Abbatangelo is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach. Based in the UK and working with people from around the World; she offers a tailored approach to individual needs to help people, like you, feel better.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Needles


Suffering From Trypanophobia – Fear Of Needles?


Just the thought of a needle coming near can send shivers down your spine. Whether it’s getting an injection at the GPs or getting a blood test, the anxiety can feel crippling sometimes. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment that can help any sufferer of trypanophobia banish their fear. As your therapist, I will use the techniques more appropriate to help you feel better about needles.

I have been there, for decades the fear of needles would prevent me from looking after myself properly, and avoiding some medical procedures; and I have even fainted on several occasions just because of my utter fear!

Using hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fear. The only requirement for when you start working is wanting to get rid of your extreme fear of needles.

Now, I can definitely say that my fear has subsided, I can easily have medical procedures and attend to blood tests, for example.

Needle Phobia Treatment


The treatment is absolutely painless, and it can take just a few amount of sessions for lasting results. There are many different approaches to help you overcome needle phobia, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), breathing, and relaxation techniques that can help in the moment. However, if the root issue is not addressed, then each time the fear and anxiety of the needle phobia will return. Hypnotherapy offers a way to work on the symptoms, but also on the root cause, and address it for good so that you don’t need to seek therapy in the future for the same issue. 


Hypnotherapy for Fear of Needles

3 Common Questions People Ask Us About Needle Phobia Treatment



What is the best therapy for needle phobia?

Each therapy will work differently for each person, for some people CBT would be the best option. However, when it comes to phobias, most people prefer hypnotherapy due to its effectiveness and long-lasting effects.


Can needle phobia be cured?

In most cases, it can. Hypnotherapy for fear of needles is very effective, make sure you work with a therapist who has experience working with needle phobia.


Who can develop a needle phobia?

Anybody can develop a needle phobia. Most of the phobias come from misinterpretations of the brain at an early age or when exposed to traumatic events related to your phobia. 



What are the symptoms of a needle phobia?

Each person will perceive it in a different way, but the symptoms can include:

  • Extreme fear of medical procedures
  • Panic attacks
  • Avoidance of any situation involving needles
  • Anxiety on conversations about needles (or injections, vaccinations, blood tests, etc).
  • Sweating palms and racing heartbeat when in conversations about needles or when they come up in the television or magazines.
  • Fainting before or after interventions involving needles.

Hypnotherapy for fear of needles (phobia) treatment

Your hypnotherapist will work with you to create a plan to work on eradicating your needle phobia for good. The idea will be to be able to take vaccinations, blood tests, injections, and medical procedures that you will be able to attend calmly.

Needle fear, can be quite straightforward to work with for an experienced therapist, and depending on your root cause you might not need more than 3 sessions. You most likely will receive a personalised audio to aid the work during the sessions, as well as some exercises.

Hypnosis For Needle Dental Phobia

Hypnotherapy for fear of needles is a beneficial approach to treating dental phobia related to needles. Your hypnotherapist will use different techniques such as positive suggestions and visualisations techniques to help you develop a positive association with dental visits. Hypnosis sessions can significantly reduce anxiety and make dental treatments more comfortable and tolerable for individuals who have needle phobia. 

hypnotherapy for fear of needles

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