The Hypnobirthing course, gives you tools to have the birth you want. Making it as positive as possible; as well as empowering you to have a better understanding of your body. I know that most of the interest comes from pain reduction, and whilst it can be possible; this is experienced different for each of us. By understanding how your body is working, the purpose of pain, and learning how to relax and and keep calm during birth. Working together, with my knowledge and tools you will be closer to get the birth you want.

Confident Childbirth Method

The Confident Childbirth Method for Hypnobirthing, can only be accessed by Cognitive Hypnotherapist. What does this mean? It means that when you attend a Confident Childbirth Course you are in the hands of an experience hypnotherapist that has the needed resources to adapt to what each individual mother needs, instead of having to stick to set scripts or techniques. 

This Hypnobirthing course works with your view of the World, and it is flexible enough that you will always feel included and cared for. 

“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear

Jane Weideman

Facts about Hypnosis 

∴ Hypnosis is the only known risk-free painkiller

∴ Hypnosis can give complete relief from pain

∴ Hypnosis does not interfere with normal mechanism of labour

∴ Hypnosis does not depress respiratory or cardiovascular system of the baby

∴ Hypnosis promoted higher Apgar scores

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have a pain free childbirth?

We don’t guarentee pain free childbirth, and we work towards having a positive childbirth.

I had a previous hard experience, will it work on me?

You can achieve a more confident and calm childbirth from any of your pregnancies. Just because you had a complicated experience before, it doesn’t mean you will have it now.

When can I start?

The earliers you can start with the course is on your week 20, and it is best before week 32.

I have a planned c-section is there any point in taking the course?

If you want to achieve a more calm and confident birth, where we work towards being a positive experience, then yes, this course can be for you. Remember the Confindet Childbirth Method adapts to what you need.