For Peace, Clarity, Joy & Fullfilment

Hello, my name is Laura; I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Maternal Coach; and in here you will get to have a better idea of how I can support you. Let me start by telling you that I connect with people committed to work on taking the next steps to the future they want. Whether you are a struggling mother, a woman looking to overcome a trauma, phobia, anxiety, achieve weight loss or looking to feel more confident to achieve your results and clarity.

Clients come to see me when they need to make more sense of their lives; feel lost or stuck; looking to overcome some difficult emotions and feel they want more out of life. I offer a mixed approach with personal / maternal coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy online, in Clapham, London and South Croydon, Surrey.

“Take back control of your own future, be mindful about your present, have a good listen to your heart, paint your goals with success and feel the sensation of fulfillment.

Laura Abba

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Is an evidence based approach that works with people instead of labels. Working with the premise that trance is an everyday state.  


Maternal Coaching

It is all about motherhood: the stress / anxiety; the loneliness; the new you vs. the one you left behind; the empty nest. And all those things you never thought you were going to go through.


I offer individual couple’s hypnobirthing course tailored to what you want. Maybe focus on pain sensation or childbirth fear. Working for a positive childbirth, for a more calm and relaxed birth. 

Laura Abba, DipCHyp. NLPP

With a solution focused approach I offer Brief Therapy to help you get where you want to go. And because we are all unique, I tailor all of my sessions to each individual with the combination of Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching. 

I help people that want more out of life; people feeling stuck, that want to feel more at peace with themselves and live a life full of joy. 

I’d Love to Help

People I Work With 


Mothers that feel overwhelmed with the work / family demands; juggling multiple things at the time; starting a new career or working their way on the career ladder; the ones trying to understand who are they are now; the mothers that feel lonely and the ones that struggle to find joy as mothers.

People that want to overcome fears; want to push themselves to be who they want to be; people with goals who have not yet achieved them due to fear or uncertainty. People that are committed to work towards their change for a more fulfilled life.

Professionals that are experiencing stress and anxiety, and feeling stuck with their lives. Who are ready to take their next challenge.

The struggle is real. 

And the solution lies within. 

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