Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Working together, we will go through whatever is preventing you from being where you want to be. It is a personal journey, for committed people.

Find here typical hypnotherapy London prices.

The Sessions

Whilst deciding to embark into working in YOU could be one of the most significant decisions you could make this year; it is important that we are a good match. During the insight call, we will also discuss the initial amount of sessions and more info on the hypnotherapy London prices. As well as assessing if we are a good fit for what you are looking for.

Sessions will take place in Online, or in London. Between sessions, I offer support to all of my clients over email and telephone.

Hypnotherapy London Prices

Please note that hypnobirthing courses fees are different from individual sessions. Whilst most sessions last 60 minutes, it is common that the initial session takes up to 90 minutes.

What to expect from the sessions?

Sessions last around 60 minutes.

Cost Hypnotherapy / Coaching: £110 per session.

Support is provided between sessions.

MP3 recordings will be provided when appropiate

Sessions that are tailored to how you see and experience the World

Check if you are covered by your Health Insurance.

How much are the Hypnotherapy London Prices?

The standard fee per session is £110. However, if it is decided that you would like a session for a specific issue or would like to do hypnobirthing sessions, it will be discussed in the insight call.

How many sessions will I need?

Surely, it depends on person to person. Nevertheless, some issues can be solved in between 4 to 6 sessions. Having said that, there is no rule of thumb. Commitment to openness, acceptance and change is what drives the sessions faster to their goal.

How To Get Started

Book a Free Insight Call

During the complimentary insight call, we will have the opportunity to see the best way we can work together.


Choose you commitment

I only work with people that are committed to achieving their goals; find the plan that best suits you.

Reach Your Goals

Buckle up, because this could be the first step into the future you want, time to work for it in sessions and between sessions.