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What I offer…

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Private Cognitive Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based approach that works with people instead of labels. Working with the premise that trance is an everyday state.

A brief therapy discipline, that can be between 3 and 7 sessions (but the amount of sessions varies on a person to person basis); solution-focused to work towards achieving what you are looking for. 


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Life / Maternal Coaching

It is all about your goals: the stress/anxiety; the loneliness; the new you vs. the one you left behind.

Life Coaching works on empowering you to take action on your life to be who you always wanted to be.

Motherhood is one of the biggest identity you would adopt throughout your life, and it comes with a full load of emotions that can overwhelm us.


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I offer individual couple’s hypnobirthing course tailored to what you want. Maybe focus on pain sensation or childbirth fear. Working for a positive childbirth, for a more calm and relaxed birth. 

Using the Confident Childbirth method, where we focus on giving you as much preparation as possible so that when looking back to your birth, you remember it as a positive and calm experience. 

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Book a Free Insight Call

During the complimentary insight call, we will have the opportunity to see the best way we can work together.

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Choose you commitment

I only work with people that are committed to achieve their goals; find the plan that best suits you.

Reach Your Goals

Buckle up, because this could be the first step into the future you want, time to work for it in sessions and between sessions.

Private Hypnotherapy Online 

You might have heard about the multiple benefits that you could experience with private hypnotherapy. For some people is all about learning more about themselves and their confidence. For others is more about healing from fears and phobias or anxiety. It is also worth mentioning that many people do hypnotherapy for IVF, as it could double the chances of successful embryos transfers.

Get in touch with confidence to start your journey to the changes you want to feel.