Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Coaching

Working together, we will go through whatever is preventing you from being where you want to be. It is a personal journey, for committed people.

The Sessions

Whilst deciding to embark into working in YOU could be one of the most significant decisions you could make this year; it is important that we are a good match. I do no take on every client that contacts me, that is why we use the initial telephone conversation to see if are a good fit.

Sessions will take place in Online, in Clapham, London Bridge or South Croydon, for an average of 90 minutes long each. Between sessions I offer support to all of my clients over email and telephone. 

What to expect from the sessions?

Sessions last between 75 to 105 minutes each.

Support is provided between sessions.

MP3 recordings will be provided when appropiate

Sessions that are tailored to how you see and experience the World

How To Get Started

Book a Free Discovery Call

During the complimentary discovery call we will have the opportunity to see the best way we can work together.


Choose you commitment

I only work with people that are committed to achieve their goals; find the plan that best suits you.

Reach Your Goals

Buckle up, because this could be the first step into the future you want, time to work for it in sessions and between sessions.

Packages Options


This package is suggested for people that feel the need to briefly clear something the have been struggling with or want to achieve more of something they already have. It is could also be an ideal introduction to Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

  • 4 Sessions included
  • 2×30′ call support (when needed)
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • MP3 recordings


You are ready to do what it takes to achieve what you have been wanted for sometime. Now it is the time to start looking after yourself, and take the next step, I know it can be hard; but with commitment and courage you could achieve great things.

  • 7 Sessions included
  • 3×30′ call support (when needed)
  • E-mail support betweem sessions
  • MP3 recordings


This package is for people that are ready to take back control of their life, to achieve what what you always wanted; hard-working committed people. It might feel like a 360 degrees change, connections would be challenged and a new You might emerge. 

  • 10 Sessions included
  • 4×30′ call support (when needed)
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • MP3 recordings