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Hypnotherapy in South London & Online

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Hypnotherapy In South London Where You Can Find Relief From Anxiety, Gut-Symptom and Confidence Issues

I offer Mindset Coaching & Hypnotherapy in South London and online.

I am a Member of the largest association for hypnotherapists, the National Council for Hypnotherapist (NCH), and the Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Professional Association (QCHPA). Additionally, I hold a diploma in Hypnotherapy and I am a Master NLP Practitioner through the Quest Institute.

HealthShield Accepted

IBS help

Read the latest article on IBS symptoms


This article is about how anxiety can trigger some physical symptoms.

Connection & parenting

Have your recently had a baby and struggling to reconnect with your romantic partner?


Key to being more confidence at work and within yourself.

The importance of your mindset.

Hypnosis in South London

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach, I see positive changes in clients, within the first 3 sessions. This is a very targeted type of talking therapy which is why it has long lasting effects in a relatively short length of time.

You can find out more about the sessions & fees reading here.



Anxiety & Stress

Although it is at the core of our society, we see the impact of sustained stress levels, manifesting in physical symptoms and different anxiety disorders.

Gut Directed Hypnotherapy
This is one of the most effective types of therapy. I choose to specialise in IBS & Gut symptoms because several research papers show the efficacy of hypnotherapy for IBS.
Confidence Issues
lack of confidence or self-esteem can be the reason why we miss on opportunities such as promotions, travels, meeting people and doing new things. How would your life look like if you had the confidence to follow your dreams?
This is the fear of becoming pregnant or childbirth. I can help you to transform it.
Overcoming trauma can be life-changing, like lifting a weight off your shoulders. Hypnotherapy and other interventions I work with can help you with your trauma.

About Me

It’s been over a decade where my journey supporting individuals to feel better and achieve their goals started for me.

Additionally, after over a decade in the corporate world, I understand the pressures of fast paced environments. The levels of stress and anxiety with the impact on mental health but also with physical symptoms. I found how a holistic therapeutic approach is the most effective in providing long-lasting effects. Helping people not only to feel better but also to achieve their goals in life.

Providing hypnotherapy in South London and online has helped people to improve their lives. I enjoy learning more about the mind and using the power of neuroplasticity to help you.


Laura was firm and consistent, really helping me to get out of any negative thinking scripts. The hypnotherapy was so powerful, and her voice so soothing – it works at a very deep and effective level. THANK YOU!!
Angela M.


“She helped me to get through the process of getting my confidence back, finding the way to see life in a positive way by doing some exercises and using other tools.”


“I had some anxiety related issues I wanted to deal with. I can’t exactly describe when it happened, it just started to happen to the point where I got back to my usual self.”

Senior Manager

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