Coaching for Mums & Life Coaching

Coaching for Mums

Mothers to be, new Mothers, Mothers in crisis, Mothers soon to have an ’empty nest’, Mother devoted to their careers, stay at home Mothers, etc. For some women motherhood is an intuitive role where they are fulfilled; others they don’t experience it that way. What they have in common, is that both at some point would struggle. Nobody prepares you mentally for what it means becoming a Mother. Altogether coaching for mums is about supporting you through the biggest transition in your lifetime.

In addition a report produced by healthwatch UK talks about the need for a better support system for parents and their mental health (more info and report), and this report is only about new parents; however, we know that it is needed for not only new parents.

According to Healthwatch, the leading cause of direct deaths within a year after the end of pregnancy is maternal suicide in the UK.

Coaching for Mums is about getting you and your mental estate where you want to be, using a mixture of coaching techniques; Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Hypnotherapy. The support goes beyond to the sessions, in between sessions we can communicate over e-mail and sometimes over the phone. You will have me by your side helping you to work to achieve your dreams and work on your problems. You can read more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy here. 

Mindset Coaching

Work on becoming more confident, clean and assertive in the present to achieve the goal you have for your future. How does it feel to be in control of your destiny? This is how you can feel. Mindset coaching is like having a cheerleader that can make you let your own best self out, to be who you always imagined you would be.

You can try it, and see if this is for you. Book your FREE insight call, where you have a taste of what working together could look like.  

“The most common mental health problems during pregnancy and after birth are anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder”

Healthwatch, September 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Coaching work?

As a coach, I will work to empower you to be able to achieve your goals. I believe you have all the resources you need within, and together we could put them to use.

How many sessions will I need?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, there are no right number of sessions as each individual is unique as their needs. 

How can a mind be reprogrammed?

Once we understand the plasticity of the brain, and how we re-imagine our experiences; I will tailor the programme to work with techniques that could work best with your World, which would also include audio recordings with personalised suggestions.

How do I know coaching is for me?

If you are truly committed to achieve the change you are looking for; then, most likely, coaching is for you. 

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